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Sierra Backpacking & Mountaineering Checklist

For backpackers and mountaineers on extended trips from late Spring through early Fall

  One Page Checklist


Checklist Information

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  • This checklist includes the minimum complete set of gear and clothes, unlike some others, which are redundant or combine weekend trips, with week-long trips, with car camping.
  • Total weight is kept low while still addressing three-season Sierra Nevada (High Sierra) mountaineering conditions.
  • Clothes cover temperature range from warmest to the 20’s. If temperature drops into the teens or you become wet, it's time to retire to the tent and sleeping bag for additional insulation.
  • Waterproof, breathable, wicking type clothing is highly recommended.
  • There are not many extras. Clothes are assumed to be washed on the trail.
  • The latest generation of clothing, packs, and tents, will save pounds.
  • Clothing, tents, stoves, sleeping bags, and backpacks, keep getting better and lighter all the time.
Clothes (Click items for more info)
  2 pairs of hiking socks  
1 pair liner socks
Synthetic quick-dry shorts
Hiking boots, well broken in
 Sun hat
Long hiking pants, synthetic...with full belt
Waterproof shell pants
Stretch tights
2 pair underwear
Long-sleeve Shirt with T-Neck
Fleece or Windstopper jacket
Waterproof, breathable shell jacket
Warm hat
 Handkerchief
  Internal frame backpack
 Spoon, cup, and bowl
 Water bottle: 1 qt size
 Sleeping bag, rating to +20 F degrees or less.
Sleeping pad
 Pack cover
 Sunscreen, spf 15+
 Sunglasses, uva/uvb, polarized
 Mosquito repellent, high deet
 Lip protection, spf 15+
 Vitamins
 Toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper
 First-aid kit
 Pain reliever, cold medicine
 Small knife or multi-tool
LED Headlamp or small flashlight
 Stuff sacks, zip-lock bags
 Fishing permit
 Money, ID
Community equipment
   2 Pots
 Pot grabber
 2 lighters, can opener
 Stove repair kit
 Fuel bottle; filled
 Water filter or water tablets
 Collapsible Water bottle, 2 gallon
Tent, 3-season, or rainfly/pole set
 100’ of ¼” rope (for hanging food or pack hauling)
 Bear Canister (May be required on permit)
Quadrangle Maps, 7.5”
 Wilderness permit
Fun stuff
   Camera, film
 Reading book
 Journal, pen
 Trekking poles
 Thermometer, barometer, altimeter
 Two-way radio
 Binoculars
 Field Guides
Special food items
   Chocolate
Exercise drink powder
 Energy/protein bars


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